Partnership Packages offer the true benefit of professional virtual assistance.  They are designed to establish a partnership and give you the freedom to keep moving forward in growing your business.  Because a partnership is established, I invest in learning about your business and am able to be proactive in assisting you, and provide the best solutions.  This partnership also gives you the convenience and confidence of ongoing virtual assistance, allowing your business to grow.

With Partnership Packages, you receive a packaged number of hours per month and simply contact me as assistance is needed, without having to purchase hours for individual services.  For multiple or recurring tasks, a Partnership Package is a great solution!

Partnership Packages are efficient and a smart investment for your business.  They start at 5 hours per month and can be customized based on the services needed.  Contact me for a consultation to determine the best package solution for your business.

Hourly Rates

Individual services are available at the following hourly rates:

  • Administrative Services                                $35.00
  • Marketing & Internet Marketing Services     $60.00
  • Social Media Marketing Services                 $60.00
  • Website Services                                         $60.00


Discounted rates available for Non-Profit Organizations.

Referrals are always greatly appreciated, and when you refer DediKated Resource you will receive a $20.00 gift card!  Upon completion of the referral’s signed agreement, a $20.00 gift card will we mailed to you.  Just my way of saying “Thanks“!


  • DediKated Resource requires a signed Agreement and a 50% deposit for new clients.
  • Packages and individual service rates do not include additional expenses incurred, such as courier, postage, mileage, etc.
  • Package hours may be carried over for 5 days.
  • Package clients will be billed monthly with Net 10 terms.
  • Payment is preferred via PayPal.