Change Your Life with Just 3 Words

Vasavi KumarOn my own journey of figuring out “how to become what I really wanted to be” – there were specific steps, both in my mind and in my actions to get there.

Although the equation is quite simple, moving through the process of getting to the peace of mind and pure joy that comes with doing what you love and having relationships that feel good can be challenging for a lot of people.  But I know it’s possible because I’ve done it myself.

I recently chatted with transformational coach, Vasavi Kumar who is not only someone I trust, she’s also someone who keeps it real.  She generously shared the secret formula behind her success. It’s based on a foundational principle that is inside of all of us.  She calls it S.O.U.R.C.E.

As Vasavi describes it, the S.O.U.R.C.E. principle is a universal truth that, when nurtured and exposed, can take anyone from a mediocre to an absolutely breathtaking life. She told me that I could share it with you, so here it is:

S = Spirit Connection
O = Ownership of Who You Are
U = Understanding Your Purpose
R = Redefine, Realize, and Realign Your Vision
C = Consciously Create
E = Energy of Everything

She also blew my mind with 3 words that she uses in every single decision she ponders in her life and business.  These 3 simple words, paired with the mastery of the S.O.U.R.C.E. – is the key to an epic, breathtaking life.

Because of what I learned, I am so excited to share that Vasavi herself is conducting a complimentary tele-class on June 6 where she will reveal those 3 simple words, and dive deep into what each component of S.O.U.R.C.E means to you and me.  That’s why I highly recommend you joining us.  There’s no cost and Vasavi is going to pour all of her knowledge, passion and energy into the tele-class.

If you’re interested, here is the link to sign up for her complimentary tele-class.

Hope to see you on the call, I know you’ll enjoy it!

My Virtual Project Is Helping Local Wisconsin Communities

My Virtual Project in Lisbon, Wisconsin is hosting a Holiday Benefit on December 4th to help those in their local community. I personally (virtually) know Chuck and Susi Schuele and they are awesome people. Their recent blog post of wanting to “give back” brought tears to my eyes. To read about the excitement of a child who didn’t have to share a toothbrush was heartbreaking. They are absolutely right, there are people suffering in our own communities and I’m so touched by what they are doing. You can read their story here.

Their upcoming benefit will be held at Olympia Resort in Oconomowoc and proceeds will be benefit Lake Country Caring, LLC, an amazing organization in Hartfield operated totally by volunteers. Lake Country Caring provides so much to so many and would sincerely appreciate donations such as hygiene products, towels and wash cloths (kitchen too!) and of course, dollars to continue to fund the important work that they do in their community. You can also help by sponsoring the event, providing raffle items, attending the event, and sharing on social media. Please visit My Virtual Project and contact Chuck or Susi for all the details on this wonderful event!

Laura Kennedy Hosts 3rd Annual Veterans Day Telethon

Today it is more important than ever to honor our military, both past and present.  On Saturday, November 6th, LauraKennedyLive and The Flag Still Stands For Freedom Campaign will host the 3rd Annual Veterans Day Telethon live from New York.  This virtual event is dedicated to sharing memories and stories of our fallen soldiers, and to the service of men and women currently serving our country. Laura Kennedy is an amazing woman who not only served our country, but continues to support our troops and veterans.  You can learn more about her in the video below.

Her virtual telethon has received national attention and she has put together an amazing schedule of speakers, performers, and ceremonies.  A few of the musical performers include Grammy Award winner Charlie Daniels, Coldwater Canyon Band, Waymore’s Outlaws, Little Texas, and Leah DeVon.  Livestream has graciously donated their streaming services to the event, and there are numerous authors and organizations participating.  You can get involved, buy a T-shirt, make a donation, or just attend the Telethon.  There will also be 2 minutes of silence at 1100.  Imagine how powerful this will be when everyone stops email, social media, and phone calls for 2 minutes to honor our military!  Please visit her website for all of the Telethon details,

GHNI Serves Hope Locally and Globally

ServeHope with GHNIGlobal Hope Network International (GHNI) is a wonderful organization that is committed to helping the poorest villages in the world transform themselves.  I have had the pleasure to get to know and work with their US Partner Development Team this past year.  They are some incredibly dedicated people who are truly passionate about serving.   They have an upcoming event called “ServeHope” which will be held on Saturday, October 16th.  This event will be held nationwide by teams of volunteers serving the poor in their own community. It’s a wonderful concept that will help so many people.  You can sponsor a team or make a donation.  Learn more and get involved at their website, ServeHope.